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Start Building Your New Website
Custom Web Site Design

We Create Beautiful Custom DesignsThe average user takes only five minutes to get their first pages set up. We believe that most of your time should be spent developing quality content and not building your pages.  With that in mind we have made building your website as quick and simple as possible while giving you a professional quality website with attractive designs and great web features. Take your FREE 10 day trial now!


Getting started in 3 easy steps

Choose a template from our design collection

Step 1: Choose a Design Template:

Click on a design.

  • 30 designs are shown to start the process.  Just choose any design temporarily to get going.
  • Once your are logged into your free account you can choose from any of our 1,500+ web designs and apply them with a single click.
Select website pages

Step 2: Select Pages:

  • Name up to 5 pages to start your site off.
  • Don't worry to much about this, you can add/delete pages later any time. We let you build up to 500 pages as part of your account. (more pages can be added for pennies/page).
Choose a website domain

Step 3: Choose a Domain, Enter Sign Up Info:

  • Choose a site name
    (ex: mywebsite.bluegelwebsite.com)  Custom domains (ex: yourdomain.com) can be applied once you sign up for a paid account.
  • Enter sign up information.
  • You're done!  It's time to start being your own webmaster.

Adding a Page

Adding each page takes about one minute:

Construct your new website pages

Step 1: Click “Add Page” in the toolbar:

A page wizard will show itself and guide you through the addition of a new page.

Multiple types of Web pages and layouts

Step 2: Select the type of page:

Choose from over 30 page types.

  1. Photo albums
  2. Message boards
  3. Custom forms
  4. Ecommerce store
  5. more... (read about them all)
Edit content using WYSIWYG editors

Step 3: Enter your page name:

Enter a name for your new page, then it's time to edit your content.  See below for editing info.

Editing a Page

Editing a page takes about one minute. See example below or click here for the video.

How to edit your webpage in site builder

Step 1: Click Edit Page

An easy to use toolbar is always in view during your editing process.

Click "Edit Page" in the toolbar then choose from three different types of editors.

If you just added a page, skip this step as you will automatically be taken to edit mode.

Easy to use web page editing tools  
three types of webpage editors to choose from

Step 2: Edit Page

The editor is easy to use.

Select fonts, styles and colors from on-screen menus.

The editor works a lot like Microsoft Word or any other word processor. There is not need to download or purchase any other editing applications.  Our 350 page documentation + support staff will easily guide you through any questions you may have.
Complete your website When done click "Save".
View your new website using the web builder preview

Step 3: View your changes

You're done!





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