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Satisfaction Guarantee
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Free Website Guarantee

Our protection is complete!   First we give you a 30 day satisfaction guarantee that you will love our service.  Then as long as you are with us we guarantee you the best price we can offer.  Read how it works!



100% Satisfaction Guarantee


Risk-Free Guarantee

Maybe our 10 Day Free Trial Money Backis not enough time?  No problem.  We offer you a 30 day money back guarantee.  Put the two together and that gives you 40 days to evaluate our service before you risk a penny.
Price Protection Guarantee


Price Protection

Signing up for a service you may know nothing about is a scary process. Many are worried that once they sign up the price will suddenly go up as well.

In order to address this concern, Blue Gel Websites offers both upwards and downwards price protection to ease your mind.

One Year Price Increase Protection from the time of the price increase. This means if a price increase happens 5 years from now, you will have price protection for a year from that price increase, not a year from your sign up date. This gives you the ultimate in protection. We have never had a price increase so far.

Lifetime Downwards Price Savings Protection. If prices are ever reduced, you receive the full benefit of the price reduction immediately.