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Building a Website has never been this easy
Build your own website free

Build a Website Yourself

Our Online Website Builder has been developed for the layperson to use and enjoy.   Great care has been taken to make sure that the most common website features are as easy as possible to integrate into your own pages.  With this in mind all the features of your website builder are integrated into an easy to understand tool bar and editing interface.

The toolbar

The toolbar gives you one-click access to almost every function you need.

The toolbar appears at the top of every page in your website.

The toolbar will of course not be shown to visitors of the website.  This is only within your website builder account.

All major tools are only a click away.

Compare editing a page using the Blue Gel Websites toolbar with any other site builder. This example shows you the steps for editing a page:

Our Site Builder Toolbar Method Other Site Builder's Method
  1. Click the “Edit Page” button in the toolbar at the top of the page
  2. Edit the page using the easy page editor then click “Save.”
    (demo video)
  1. Write the page address down.
  2. Go to your site builder (type in the address of your site builder in your browser then click “Go.”)
  3. Go to the login screen.
  4. Login to your site builder (enter your user name and password then click "Login")
  5. Go to website editing mode.
  6. Go to your page list.
  7. Find the page you wrote down then click to edit that page.
  8. Edit the page, then click to save it.
  9. Click to apply changes to your site.

Editing with our site builder is easier and faster because of the one-click toolbar technology.

One-click Help

Two types of one-click help is available:

Web site builder help and support

1. General Help & Support

  • Your toolbar is always visible.
  • Click the "Help & Support" button in the top right corner to be taken to:
Five kinds of support

Five kinds of support:

  • "Getting Started" tutorial
  • online documentation (37 chapters)
  • knowledge base (250+ articles)
  • frequently asked questions
  • free online technical support staff
We have smart help

2. Smart Help

The most relevant help document is always displayed with the feature you are working on. It is one click away.

one click access to support and targeted help For example, if you are editing a standard web page, the one-click help will bring you directly to the help document "Getting Started", because it is the most relevant to a web page.

Easy Editor

Our editors allow you to build your website content using familiar tools that you find in most word processors like Microsoft Word.  You will immediately recognize the tools and their functions.

Nothing to download or install

No downloads or installations required.

With the easy editor you can:

  • change fonts
  • change font size
  • bold
  • italicize
  • align left, center, or right
  • add bullets and lists
  • add links
  • change colors

Ease of Use Guidelines

All these techniques are used to maximize ease of use:

  • More time is spent making our web builder easy to use than on any other feature.
  • We test our system on live users to make sure that our methods are working.
  • The site builder is improved daily based on the feedback of our customers.

Ease of use goals

These are some of the stated goals:

  • A basic website must not take longer than five minutes to set up.
  • Editing a web page must not take longer than one minute.
  • Make it so easy that your mom, dad and friends can use it.


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