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Benefits of using our Website Builder
Build your own website free

Create your own website for free

Our online website builder is the best on the web. We don't just say it, we prove it with a free 10 day trial + 30 day money back guarantee. Keep reading to see how feature rich our system is. Anyone can start building their own website without experience, knowledge or programs. [Try it Free for 10 days]

Website Builder with easy to use editors

1. Easy to use Editors

Nothing to install, nothing to download. Just jump online from any computer anywhere to build and modify your website.

  • standard word processing abilities
  • block alignment
  • bullets, lists, titles, outlines, etc.
  • add photos, multimedia, video
  • include meta tags for optimization
  • add plug ins (see below)
  • everything you would expect!

2. Best Value
(30+ Plug in features)

We offer you over thirty great plugin features. Each one is as simple to add into your site as "point and click". And every single one is included FREE with your account. Other website builders will charge for these (if they even offer them).

  • E-commerce
    • Sell Merchandise
    • Sell Downloads
    • Sell on Ebay
    • 3 Catalog Layouts
    • Integrated Cart
    • VeriSign Certified
    • View Cart
  • Communication
    • Photo Album
    • Media Integration
    • Message Board
    • Guest Book
    • Q&A Page / FAQ
    • Links Page
    • Feedback Form
    • Articles Manager
    • Newsletter/MailList
    • Press Release
    • Auto Responder
    • Email Accounts
  • Business & Marketing
    • Calendar Page
    • Map Integration
    • Hours of Operation
    • Coupon Pages
    • Contacts / Links Page
    • Polling Center
    • Recommend Site
    • Testimonials Page
  • Design & Build Features
    • Easy to use Editors
    • Instant Templates
    • Free Stock Photos
    • Domain Name
    • Site Redirect
    • Site Map
    • Free Marketing Credits

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3. Strong Shopping Cart

We provide you with an e-commerce shopping cart system FREE with your account. You won't find this elsewhere. Most site builders will charge extra for this feature (or jack up their price). At Blue Gel WebSites it's just another piece of the pie.

  • Supports 500 products (more can be added)
  • 3 different layouts
  • Comment field (e.g. for gift card)
  • Up to 3 photos for each product
  • PayPal integration
  • Authorize.net integration (for credit card processing)
  • Secure shopping cart server
  • Sell digital download products too (e.g. music, software, etc)

4. Easy Photo Albums

We include an easy to use photo album. Just click to add the album then click again to add your photos.

  • add unlimited photos
  • add titles
  • add descriptions

5. Over 1500+ Professional Designs

We offer over 1,500 web site design templates all formatted to our site builder system. So with just a click of the mouse you can change the entire look of your website.

Click here to see a video on how easy it is to change templates anytime.

6. Customizable Templates

Maybe you want a more personal touch in your design? No problem. All of our templates allow you to customize layouts in all sorts of ways without any special knowledge or programs.

  • change color schemes
  • change navigation buttons
  • various navigation schemes
  • format content layouts (even us .CSS)
  • insert your own header designs and logos.

7. Useful Image Library

This is not cheap "clip art". We provide you with a fully loaded library of over 2,000 quality professional photographic images. Choose from 35 categories of images. Then add more images to your library from your own collections. (compliments of Big Sun Photography and Photoshop Training)

8. Easy and Fast Support

High quality online support:

  • Online support is free
  • One-day turnaround response for most questions
  • Incredibly thorough Help Section
  • One-click context sensitive help (the most relevant help document is always one click away)
  • 33 chapter(350 pages) of online documentation
  • 100+ article knowledge base and growing
  • Free resource documents to help you improve your web site
  • Online frequently asked questions
  • Newsletter with tips, tutorials and marketing ideas to help you make money. (join now)

9. Overall Ease of Use

The ease of starting and building a website is the number one reason why clients start and continue using our website builder. Don't believe us. Try it Free for 10 days.

10. Professional Customization

Looking to really make your web site special? We have a staff of professional designers ready to custom design your web site for you at very low prices.

  • Designed to your specifications
  • Use your own custom imagery and logos
  • Includes five pages built for you
  • Includes five product integration to your store to get your started.
  • ... learn more

11. Top Security

Every measure is taken to make bluegelwebsites the most secure website builder on the Internet.

To learn more about how we secure your website read our "5 Security Measures"